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Water Test Opti

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Product information "Water Test Opti"

Test your water with the Opti water test and thus contribute to improved water hygiene. Your water is examined for toxic heavy metals in the laboratory, nutrients are also recorded and the water hardness is determined.
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Why a laboratory analysis for your drinking water is valuable

As a rule, drinking water in Switzerland is of very good quality and the strict requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TBDV) are complied with. But even after the house connection, pollutants such as heavy metals from the pipes and fittings can still get into the drinking water. Often pollutants cannot be seen with the naked eye and can be harmful to health if they are consumed continuously.


Reasons why a water test can be useful for you:

  • You consume your tap water regularly.
  • The water shows abnormalities in color, smell or taste.
  • There are people with a weak immune system or risk groups (babies, children, pregnant women or sick people) living in your household.
  • The water is used to prepare baby food.
  • You live in a house in which copper or even lead lines may be installed.
  • You use your tap water for a soda maker.


What is the Water Test Opti?

With the Water Test Opti, you can check whether contaminants from the tap, pipes or other sources get into your drinking water.

Heavy metals often come loose from old pipes or get into drinking water through insufficiently maintained installations.

Pipe damage can also be the cause. Health risks cannot be ruled out with increased exposure.

➩ You can use the Opti drinking water test to determine the condition of your pipes and connections. Your water is examined for toxic heavy metals and the values ​​are compared with the limit values ​​of the Drinking Water Ordinance. This enables you to identify possible risks at an early stage.

➩ In addition, important nutrients in your tap water are recorded and the water hardness is determined. This gives you a detailed overview of the important chemical parameters of your drinking water.


Contents of the water analysis kit:

  • suitable vessels for sampling
  • 1 simple step-by-step guide
  • 1 sampling protocol
  • 1 test box for dispatch to the laboratory

Analysis for these 23 parameters:

Metals: ✓Aluminium ✓Lead ✓Chrome ✓Copper ✓Manganese ✓Nickel ✓Iron ✓Zinc ✓Strontium ✓Boron ✓Barium ✓Lithium ✓Cadmium ✓Cobalt

Minerals: ✓Nitrate ✓Nitrite ✓Magnesium ✓Calcium ✓Potassium ✓Sodium ✓Phosphorus ✓Sulfate ✓Water hardness


Step by step to your analysis results:

3 steps to your analysis results

Step 1:

You can easily order the test kit for the analysis here in our shop. Our water test kit will be conveniently sent to your home within a short time.

Step 2:

You take the water sample yourself. Thanks to the detailed instructions, you do not need any previous knowledge. Now all you have to do is send the test kit to the provided address. In the laboratory, your sample is examined for all parameters of the water test.

Step 3:

After completing the analysis in our laboratory, you will receive a detailed report after 2-3 weeks. You can now see at a glance whether there is any contamination.


Do you still have questions about the result? - No problem!

Our service team is at your disposal!


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