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Product information "Water Test 9 in 1"

With the practical 9-in-1 test strips for pool water, springs, wells and household from aquaself you can monitor the most important water values ​​independently and quickly.

Can be used at home or on the go, so you can test the water quality quickly and reliably. The test strips are suitable for measuring the water quality of your tap water, fountains, pools and aquariums.

Water can be boiled to kill bacteria, but heavy metals remain in the water. The 9 in 1 test strips can be used to test the water for some of the most important chemical contaminants.

One container provides 100 test strips and is resealable. This allows frequent monitoring of the water quality, even on vacation.


Aquarium Wassertest

Your advantages

Measure 9 parameters at one glance! 

Incl. multilingual instructions

100 test strips in resealable container

 You will receive your measurement result within a few seconds. Dip in the test strip, read off, done

 Easy-to-read colour scale


You can determine these 9 parameters with one test strip:

 Free chlorine

 Lead                    Iron

 Copper                Total alkalinity

 Nitrate                  Nitrite

 pH-value              Water hardness


Water test including multilingual instructions:

Due to the construction of the plastic test strips, getting an accurate reading is child's play and comfortable. The change in colour is compared with a colour scale on the resealable packaging and the measured value is read.

The storage box contains 100 test strips and ensures that they can be stored safely and drily. With one pack, regular measurements can be made over many months, which makes the 9-in-1 test strips the ideal addition to professional water analyses.


How to test your water in three easy steps:

Step 1:
Immerse the test strip in the water for a second.

Step 2:
Shake the test strip and wait 15 seconds.

Step 3:
The results can be read on the colour scale.

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