Water Hardness Test


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Product information "Water Hardness Test"

The easy-to-use water hardness test strips from Aquakaiser allow you to quickly and reliably determine the water hardness yourself.

One pack contains 10 individually sealed test strips. This allows regular monitoring of the water hardness.


Aquarium Wassertest

Your advantages

Measure the water hardness yourself

 10 individually sealed test strips

 You will receive your measurement result within a minute. Dip in the test strip, take the reading, done

 Easy to read with color scale



Why is it important to know the water hardness?

The water hardness is an important basis for the correct dosage of detergents and the settings of the dishwasher. an incorrect setting can lead to limescale stains on the dishes, poor cleaning results and even damage to the machine.

Water that is too hard can lead to calcification in pipes, taps and household appliances, which can lead to serious damage. Certain plants do not tolerate water that is too hard and must be watered with rainwater or distilled water.

If a water softener is installed, its function can be checked quickly and easily with the practical test strips.


How to test your water in three easy steps:

Schritt 1:
Immerse the test strip in the water for a second.

Schritt 2:
Shake the test strip and wait one minute.

Schritt 3:
The results can be read on the color scale.

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