Water analysis bacteria

Water analysis bacteria

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Product information "Water analysis bacteria"

To ensure perfect water hygiene, a water test can be useful. Bacteria can get into tap water in a wide variety of ways and represent a potential hazard. In particular, the total number of bacteria in the water is often increased in bacterial tests. Coliform germs, which can cause gastrointestinal complaints, are particularly dangerous.

Why should a water test for bacteria be carried out?

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Although the tap water in Switzerland is generally of very good quality, impurities can get into the pipe system. The local water supplier is obliged to guarantee excellent water quality, but only has this obligation up to the house connection.

Bacteria not only get into the house in tap water, but are also often introduced into the water from outside. For example, dirty splash water or dishcloths can get bacteria into the water system, where they can multiply. Another risk factor are poorly maintained filter systems, dead lines (stagnant water) or inadequate water installation.

Excellent water hygiene should be ensured, especially if there are immunocompromised people in the household. The bacteria water test can help to get an overview of the microbiological hygiene of your water.

Which bacteria does the Water Test Bacteria examine?

The Water Test Bacteria determines:

  • Total bioburden at 22 ° C incubation temperature
  • Total bioburden at 36 ° C incubation temperature
  • Examination for coliforms and E. coli

✪ The total bioburden (germ count) is essential for assessing the microbiological situation. The total bioburden indicates how many microorganism colonies are on a nutrient medium after inoculating the examined substance.

Contents of the water analysis kit:

  • suitable vessels for sampling
  • 1 simple step-by-step guide
  • 1 sampling protocol
  • 1 test box for dispatch to the laboratory


Step by step to your analysis results:

3 steps to your analysis results

Step 1:

You can easily order the test kit for the analysis here in our shop. Our water test kit will be conveniently sent to your home within a short time.

Step 2:

You take the water sample yourself. Thanks to the detailed instructions, you do not need any previous knowledge. Now all you have to do is send the test kit to the provided address. In the laboratory, your sample is examined for all parameters of the water test.

Step 3:

After completing the analysis in our laboratory, you will receive a detailed report after 2-3 weeks. You can now see at a glance whether there is any contamination.

Do you still have questions about the result? - No problem!

Our service team is at your disposal!


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