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Product information "pH water test"

The easy-to-use pH test strips for water with a large measuring range allow the pH value to be determined quickly and reliably.

One pack contains 100 test strips and is resealable. This allows frequent monitoring of the water quality, even on vacation.


Your advantage

Aquarium Wassertest

Measure the pH value yourself

100 test strips in a resealable box

 You will receive your measurement result within a few seconds. Dip in the test strip, take reading, done

 Easy-to-read colour scale


What does the pH value say?

The pH value indicates whether an aqueous solution is acidic, alkaline (basic) or neutral. This is important because, for example, too low a pH value in drinking water can damage pipes, or an incorrect pH value in the aquarium is harmful to fish and aquatic plants. The pH value also needs to be adjusted correctly in the pool to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

It can therefore be important to regularly monitor the pH value.

The storage box contains 100 test strips and ensures that they can be stored safely and dry. Regular measurements over many months can be made with one pack, which makes the pH test strips the ideal addition to professional water analyses.


How to test your water in three easy steps:

Step 1:
Immerse the test strip in the water for one second.

Step 2:
Shake the test strip and wait 15 seconds.

Step 3:
The results can be read on the color scale.

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